Searching for spanisch-speaking student with German family in country-side nearDuesseldorf

We offer Self-contained apartment for Spanish-speaking student: Family is looking for continued language support of their children.

Location: 47608 Geldern (30.000) is a small village with all infrastructure needed
near Fachhochschule Rhein-Waal or Duesseldorf.
language schools and secondary schools (Gymnasium) in Geldern

Offer: as of now / October or November 2022

Background: Our children aged 5 and 7 have lived in Mexico for the last 5.5 years and speak fluent Spanish. Since children lose their language level (if unused) very quickly and there is no international school in Geldern, we are looking for a student who enjoys working with children and spends approx. 10 hours per week in the afternoons with the children speaking Spanish. The schedule will be determined in coordination with the lecture schedule.

Time with the children may include the following activities: Cooking/baking together, board games, crafts, going to the playground, pillow fights, going on bike rides, watching children’s series in Spanish…whatever children like to do at this age.

Besides language support, your responsibility is

  • babysitting 1x per week in the evening
  • 2 x week to help in the household (e.g. cooking, cleaning tasks)

In return we offer you

  • a very relaxed, nice and open host family (see below)
  • Rent-free living (with private room approx. 15 qm2, with Wifi, kitchen, bathroom and incl. utilities)
  • Deposit: 800 €
  • Mandatory requirement: Spanish mother tongue and social skills required to work with kids

You will find with us a host family where you are invited to be „part“. We, Ramona and Julian, have lived in different countries for many years and speak fluent English, Spanish and German. As an international student, we are happy if you have decided to study in Germany and are interested in getting to know the German culture, we would be happy to show you the beautiful sides of this culture. You are always welcome to join us for meals, meet our friends and family and be a part of it, but you can also take your own space, withdraw, be alone, meet your friends and simply be a student (we also studied and can still remember this time well).

As a host family, we are also happy to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you need feedback on your reports and assignments, we will be happy to help you. From our own experience, we know that the above plan can work well. The weekends are your free time, which you will certainly need to fulfil your obligations in your studies, but also to simply „switch off“, pursue your interests, meet friends, etc., etc.

If you are interested, we would be happy to hear from you.

1 „Gefällt mir“

Hello Ramona,

We’re looking for a host family from September to December 2023 to host our 16-year old daughter Adriana. We’re from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and our mother tongue is Spanish.

Are you open to the idea so we can discuss more?

Thank you!