Mein letzter gastfamilen Brief! Meinung?!

Dear, Future hostfamily.

First of all, I would like to thank you for this, opportunity to become, a part of your family and all the opportunities you give me with it.
And now to me : i’am Lizbeth currently 16years old (19.07.2004) and have to older sisters who have, also spent an exchange year in the USA.
My hobbies are writing stories my horse move and take care of my dogs, and especially my heart is hanging, on right now to true crime, which brought Me to the idea, of coming to this wonderful state of Massachusetts. I’m related to lizzie Borden.
Furthermore, I have been in a acting company. For several years And, a Messervant in my church congregation.
Since 2018 I also, work as volunteer in our neighboring children’s Hospiz.
There, the support of people and children and, also animals in nedd is my first priority. I dreamed of, going to the United States for very long time. And, that brought me to the exchange year in a high school.

You must know I don’t have much, expectations at this high school year, because I let myself be surprised. And, hope that this will be a great, educational year.
What however, shapes me, if I have learned one thing is not to except much to spend, behind not disappointed from one thing.

At home, I live with my father my stepmother and my two sisters Emma and Alice. Like, my dog Rocky and my two cats Abby&Sara. And my 4 horses that very close. In the school year 2020/21 i’am currently attending the 11 grade. And, make 2022/23 then hopefully my Abitur.

I spend the rest of my time with, my Friends in various situations. Also, if i haven’t been around for so long, I’m In Germany I could learn, a lot from this culture. And, I will also like, ti try to bring both my homeland and the German culture, somewhat close, with my friends, since 8 am very interested in new cultures and new people and placces.

And since, honesty one, the most important value for me is i would, like to introduce the point :my bi-Sexuality and my diagnosing depression. I, I want them you know, who I really am. And, don’t habe to hide behind facades! Because, then I would judge myself, and would have laid out a kind, of untruth here. The. I don’t want to wear.

After all, I don’t want to hold up! And sham world here, but to be honest. And i very much hope, that they will understand that. I very Grateful for this opportunity, and understandable white the effort. That lies, beging i have great Respekt for it. And I’m really Looking forward to getting to know each other.
Best wishes,