mal wieder hostfamilyletter.. :/

Also ich brauch echt hilfe…^^ Weil irgendwie weiss ich 1. nicht,was ich noch viel schreiben soll, weil von meiner Orga 2 Seiten angegeben sind…und ich versuche grad die zu füllen…^^ und 2. ist mein englisch auch nicht sooo toll…:confused:

würd mich voll freuen wenn ihr mir helfen könntet!

(Ist jetzt erst mal nur son Vorschlag wie ichs eigentlich machen wollte aber so ganz sicher bin ich mir immer noch nicht…^^ )

Dear Hostfamily,

I don’t really know how to start a letter for people you even don’t know. First I would like to introduce me to you. My name is Eva —, but everybody calls me Eva. I was born 16 years ago in–, a little city with about 10.000 inhabitants, in the south of Germany near Munich, where the “Oktoberfest”is.

I’m living in a pretty big house with my parents and my brother.My parents have got a little company, near Krumbach which builds houses. My mother does the book-keeping and my father is a construction engineer and they employ about ?? (muss ich noch fragen xD )people.
I’m very glad to have them and I’m thankful that they offer me the chance to spent three months in an New Zealand and improve the language and, of course, this is not a general desire.
My brother’s name is Stefan and he is 17 years old. I wouldn’t describe him as an usal 17 years old teenager. He has got long hairs, he likes listening to all kinds of Metal and Gothik. But he is a very nice person and I like him very much and if I need help, he will always help me, so he is very important for me. He also has got a pet, it’s a little golden hamster which is very sweet and trusting and it’s name is “Knopf” because he has got eyes like knobs( knob = Knopf in Germany ).
My grandparents also play an important role in my live.They only live two streets away from ours’ and as I was a child, my brother and I were often taken to them after Kindergarten if my parents had no time to look after us. We still have our lunch together every weekend, thus we have a close connection to them. My grandfather’s passion is his garden and he workes all his free time in it and I think his enthusiasm for nature is one reason why he is so empressed of New Zealand. My grandparents spend 3 times their holidays there and they visit New Zealand in an caravan. They often dream of visiting it a fourth time. I think that is also a factor for me to choose to stay three months in New Zealand. But back to me 
When I was six years old, after the Kindergarten, I went to the “Krumbacher Grundschule” (it’s like primary school ) and after four years there, I decided to go to the “Simpert-Kraemer-Gymnasium”, it’s like a grammar school but just in the german schoolsystem. I’m now in my 10. grade and I still have to go to this school for three years and if I’m successful I have the “Abitur” that’s like the high school diploma, I think, and I would be allowed to go to university.I’m learning English for 5 years and 4 years ago i chose French as my second foreign language. My favourite subjects are English and Art but it’s often a question of the teachers I think, but generaly I get along with them.
I meet my friends at school and thus, I actually like going to school, but of course it’s not always easy to get out of bed in the morning  .

My friends, of course are also very important for me. They are always helping me with problems and so, I‘ve never felt alone. I hold them in high regard by reason of their uncomplicated being and their fairness.
Unfortunately my close friend moved away from Krumbach but we are trying to meet us as often as we have time. We know each other since ten years and we experienced a lot, like traveling to Spain or Bulgaria or learning how to snowboard last Winter.
With two of my very close friends I am playing handball, since a few years actually in an association near Krumbach. But unfortunately in our association were only a few girls in our age group thus we had to change into an other association 15 minutes away by car but there, we got a lot of friends who we often meet at the weekends or, of course, two times a week in the workup. I think sport’s connecting people 
When I met my friends we often go to the cinema, in a café ,in the public bath in sommer or just meeting them and talk about everything like every teenager  .On the weekends we often go out together and there is always fun and I wouldn’t know what to do without them!

I also like listening to music especially to rockmusic and Indie but also to nearly every kind of music.I don’t play an Instrument but a few years ago I tried so play piano but without a lot of succed. How I told you, i like playing handball but this is the only sport I do in association but I also like playing volleyball with my friends, like in the public bath in sommer where my friends and me often meet each other if the weather is good. In Winter I like skiing and last january I made a snowboard course for three days but of course I’m still an amateur 

Well, I think I should describe my character a little bit for you but for me it’s not that easy because I think it’s just me  So I asked my friends to picture me for you.
They told me that I’m very helpful and I’m a good listener, but you can also have a lot of fun with me and they described me as an openminded person who is at first sometimes a bit shy but after a while when I know someone better I’m a cheerful and self-confident person who likes having fun but of course can be serious, too.
But sometimes I’m a bit too emotional but I think it’s better than feeling nothing and being insensitiv. Sometimes I need a little time just for me and just read a book or thinking about everything but I actually hate being along long time and I like meeting people all the time 

My mother would say that I’ve a way with people because I can often imagine the feeling of a person and she also said that if I have a job I’ll do something with a lot of people and nothing like a jurist or something like that because it doesn’t match with my character.
I think a am a girl who could adapt to very different situations and I don’t mind to change my habits by reason of an other way of live. So, a hostfamily with only one children is just as well as one with 3 children. Everything has got it’s pros and cons of course and as a result of this I don’t imagine a perfect hostfamily because every family could be perfect!
I think I’ll just be surprised 
But I will be happy for every family which would admit me in their family live!
I hope you will descide me as your exchange student and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours sincerely

Eva –

Bitte um hilfe…! :wink:

Kritik aller art ist erwünsch :slight_smile:

Ja klar, der Hostfamilyletter ist dazu da um sich vorzustellen und so weiter
aber du musst es dir mal so denken: die familie kennt dich nicht und das sind vllt alles ein bisschen zu viel informationen
unwichtige informationen wie namen von schulen/kirchen/… sind unwichtig oder auch wie viele menschen dein vater empoyeed, meiner meinung nach
um dein englisch wuerde ich mir keine sorgen machen da du ja dahin gehst um dich zu verbessern.
ich denke das solche briefe sowieso total bloed sind.
ich meine du kennst die familie ja nicht mal
ich weiss nicht mit welcher orga du gehst
aber bei yfu ist es so, dass du einen letter schreibst aber den bekommt die familie erst wenn sie dich ausgewaehlt hat.
eine familie bekommt kleine unerkennbare fotos von den gastschuelern (nur n normales bild) und eine kleine beschreibung und woher die person kommt. das ist alles.
naja ich bin jetzt ein bisschen vom thema abgewichen
ich denke nicht das du dein ganzes leben so im detail beschreiben musst, das ist was was du dann erzaehlen kannst wenn du da bist oder das du ihnen zeigen kannt anhand eines videos/bilder ansonsten ist das glaube ich fuer eine familie ein bisschen langweilig, da die ja gar kein bezug zu dir oder deinem umfeld haben
ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen ?!

erst mal danke für die antworten :wink:

Also das problem ist halt,dass ich 2 seiten schreiben muss und die sind immernoch nicht voll…
deswegen habe ich auch öfters sachen reingedrückt die wirklich nicht soo wichtig sind…^^
ich fahr mit GIVE und da wird es, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe so gemacht, dass die organisation zuerst grob schaut, zu was für familien man passen könnte und dann kriegt eine Familie ca 3 verschiedene Austauschschüler vorgelegt und damit eben den Brief( auch mit soner 2 seitigen Fotocollage ) und dann kannse entscheiden, wen man nimmt und so…^^

ich würds auch lieber „kurz und knackig“ schreiben, aber mir fehlt immer noch ca 1/3 von ner seite :confused:

liebe Grüsse :slight_smile:

hab ich mir auchgedacht, aber is ja so,dass den brief mehrere familien kriegen und nur so ohne dass entschieden is, obse mich nehmen
und sich dann bedanken obwohl se mich wohl net nehmen…?
da wusst ichs selber net so genau…:smiley:

aber danke :slight_smile:

hab ich mir auchgedacht, aber is ja so,dass den brief mehrere familien kriegen und nur so ohne dass entschieden is, obse mich nehmen
und sich dann bedanken obwohl se mich wohl net nehmen…?
da wusst ichs selber net so genau…:smiley:

aber danke :slight_smile:

Wie meine Vorposter schon angemerkt haben: zuerst muss der Dank für das Interesse an einer möglichen Aufnahme rein: Stelle dir doch bitte vor, deine Familie nimmt jemanden auf, der sich nicht bedankt…
Die Vergleiche mit dem dortigen Schulsystem sind zwingend, denn unser Schulsystem ist nur denjenigen bekannt (wenn überhaupt) die schon einmal einen deutschen ATS hatten.
Schreibe mehr über deine üblichen Tagesabläufe, und deinen normalen Alltag, dann kann die Familie dich besser beurteilen.
Und laß das mit dem großen Haus weg: dies klingt viel zu aufschneiderisch.