Letter to hostfam

ich hatte eine frage. Hat vllt jemand noch einen brief zuhause der ihr an euerer hostfam geschrieben habt?
lg michele

Ich muss dazu noch erwähnen, dass Chelleke aus Holland kommt und sie die erste seit vielen, vielen Jahren an ihrer Schule ist, die in ein ATJ geht. Es wäre also super, wenn ihr ihr helfen würdet, da sie sonst keinen zum austauschen hat :).

Chelleke, erstmal würde ich mich ganz herzlich bedanken, dass die Familie dich aufnehmen will.
Und dann solltest du ein bisschen über dich und deine Familie zu Hause erzählen.

Viele Grüsse


jap, da geb ich Kirsten recht.

erst mal bedanken und dann ein bisschen erzählen. Nicht zu viel, damit die Familie nicht erschlagen wird, und damit sie weiter neugierig bleibt. Aber auch nicht zuuu wenig, damit sie einen eindruck von dir erhalten. Bedenke auch deine familie und deine hobbies in deinem brief.

habe leider keinen brief mehr. ist schon so lange her… g

LG Lena

JA alle oben haben natürlich recht und du kannst das ruhig etwas ausführlicher schreiben

Hobbies: gehst du segeln, fährst viel Rad, gehst gerne schwimmen, spielst ein Musikinstrument etc.
Wohnen : in der Stadt, auf dem Land( dann beschreiben wie flach doch Holland ist) , wohnen am Meer?? mal die Größe von NL mit einem amerikanischen Bundes staat vergleichen

wie immer verwunderlich :weihnachten mit Geschenken am 6. Dezember etc.

JA da kannman sehr viel schreiben Viel Glück

Ich hab meinen auch nicht mehr, aber das ist gar nicht so schwer:D

erst mal würde ich mich bei der Gastfamilie bedanken und dann solltest du einfach ein bisschen was über dich erzählen, über deine Hobbies, deine Familie, Freunde und Schule, alles was dir eben wichtig ist. Ich habe noch geschrieben, warum ich ein ATJ machen will und warum ich nach Amerika will und dass ich mich auf die Zeit sehr freue!

Wenn du mit deinem Brief fertig bist, kannst du ihn ja hier rein stellen und dann können wir dir bestimmt noch ein bisschen helfen!

stimmt. wenn du fertig bist und dir unsicher, lass uns doch einfach mal drüberlesen und dann helfen wir dir ein wenig. wenn du magst, natürlich!

Dear host family!

My name is … and I would like to be your exchange pupil from Germany.
At first I want to say “Thank you” for giving me a home for ten months and stay with your family as a member of your family.

I’m born … and I live together with my mom and dad and my little brother in a small town, situated in the greater Ruhr Area.

My familiy is very important for me. My father … works as a vicar and therefore we live in the middle of the community. My mother … has attended an university too and works as an architect. Both of them are … years old. My grandma lives not far away from us; my other grandma and my aunt live in the greater Ruhr Area. My little brother … is … years old and attends the same school. He likes soccer and he is a good goalkeeper. The relationship to my brother is normal. Sometimes we have an argument but not often; he istn’t so passionated as I’m. If my mother comes home from work, my father often leaves home for work. It’s very rare to spend time together as a family, but we like it very much, if we are on holidays and sometimes during the evenings of the weekend. We like to listen to the radio and to play together. We’re used to celebrate our birthdays and the great church holidays together: my grandmas, my aunt and my uncle assemble either in our house or in the home town of my parents Bochum (an industrial city in the Ruhr Area). I’ m curious how Thanksgiving and Halloween are celebrated because Halloween is nearly unknown and Thanksgiving is a special Sunday but not a holiday.

Twice a week I go to the stable and take care of a big black horse (Frisian). I learn riding in western style and that’s great, but I’m so lucky, because I’ve got a wonderful teacher.
A year ago we’ve started to create a jazz dance formation and at the moment we train hard for our first contests. I like to dance and I’m very happy about this kind of movement.
Because I’m rid of alpine skiing, I like our family winter holidays best. But we don’t do this every year.
I like to go swimming and I’ve already attended a snorkeling course. I would like to get in contact with other forms of sport, because I like to move.

I’m a person who gets in contact to other persons very easily. Therefore I’ve lots of friends, but in different ways. Those guys belonging to the sports teams are friends, but I only see them at the training lessons. My friends whom I spend my freetime with are my schoolfriends and girls from the neighbourhood. We like to go shopping, listening to rock music, go to the cinema or go for a walk with my grandma’s dog. I practised playing keyboard for 5 years, but at the moment I’m not playing because I didn’t like to exercise.

My mother wants me to help in the household, but I don’t like it very much. Once a week I’ve to clean my own room, I’ve to load and unload the dishwasher and at the moment I learn how to use the washing machine and how to use a flat-iron. My grandma wants me to go for a walk with her dog once a day. Each morning I’m responsible for the laying of the breakfast table.

I attend school in a big city, … , which is famous for its … . I go by bus for about half and hour for each term. My school is a high school, which is wellknown for its good science lessons and for very famous sport teams and sport lessons. My school is attended by 1200 pupils and we have about 100 teachers. My class consists of 30 pupils, and all of them have taken Latin as their second foreign language. My favourite subjects are English, history and PE. At school I’ve got a job as a first aid assistant, but only 20 pupils are active in helping injured pupils. I’ve started learning English 5 years ago. Our school offers an exchange program to a Midenglish school (south of Birmingham) and I took part in that program two years ago. But at that time I was sure, that staying abroad for a longer time would be a dream to come true.
Our lessons last from 8 o’clock till half past two, but in the afternoon I have to do my homework. The whole family assembles for breakfast, and this is the only meal we take together. My dad, my brother and I take lunch after getting home from school, normally at 2 p. m. Then I usually do my homework and after that I go for a walk with my grandma’s dog.
For riding lessons I have to leave home at 16.30 p.m., for jazz dance training I leave home at 17.30 p. m… Normally I’m back home at 8 p. m…

I like children and pets so I have a babysitter job and a catsitter job. Sometimes I take care of an old lady’s house in the neighbourhood, if she is on holidays or in hospital.

Children also like me and after the service it often happens, that some of the smaller children either want to play with me and my brother outside or they want to have a look at our big modelrailroad or want to play with Andreas cars and my dolls.

My friends say to me that I’m a nice fellow, uncomplicated say my parents. I can’t discribe my character by myself.
But I know that sometimes I need somebody who is able to calm me down when I’m angry about something. I’ m very passionated, but not in a bad manner.

Two years ago I told my parents that I would like to spend a year abroad, to another country, to different people and another culture.
Maybe you ask why I want to spend my year in Canada.
My family is crazy about travelling. We‘ve been to Canada for three times (B.C; Alberta and Yukon). I like people who live in Canada, the culture, the nature, the animals the Canadian history and the natives.
There was a great discussion where to spend the year abroad. But I knew the first choice for the coming true of my dream was Canada with its deep woods and the huge lakes and each other country would be a second choice.
I’ve safed the money that I’ve got for my confimation for my exchange year and my relatives who gifted my money agreed – some after having been convinced.
My parents agreed at once to my decision to spend a year abroad and I’ve got lots of supportings and they didn’t doubt in my abilities.
I think that the exchange year is a good way to find new friends and good to understand a different culture and learn many things about the other country and I think it’s good for the career plans.
I don’t know that I want to do after school. I like Mediciene and Journalism but I also like languages. But I know that I want to go to an university.

I hope that we see us in Canada and that I become a member of your family!

Please excuse me! I know that my letter is full of mistakes and I hope that you help me in my exchange year to speak a better English!

See You

Das ist mein Brief von vor 2 1/2 Jahren. Ich hoffe, dass ich etwas weiterhelfen konnte :slight_smile:

danke das ihr mir alle so lieb helfen wollt. das sind schon sehr viele dingen wo ich was mit anfangen kann. Also ich lege gleich mal los!
lg michele

viel spaß und erfolg dabei!


ich hab noch den von meiner Tochter auf der Platte:

Dear host family,

I am Lisa and I am 15 years old. It has always been my big dream to go to the USA and to stay there for a year or even longer. I know that it will not be that easy and it will be quite different to being in Germany, but still I am very excited about this chance and I am very happy to be able to stay with you.
Furthermore I hope that it will be a memorable year for all of us and that we will get on fine!!
I really, really want to become a full member of your family and I really hope that I can cook for you, because I love to cook for others!!!
I have a lot of hobbies but I like ball-room-dance and singing most. I like music very much anyway, so I hope you do not hate it! :wink:
I am religious and I do not have a problem to go to church weekly, even though I normally just go on Christmas Eve and if I feel like I need it. And I do not mind, if you are not religious at all!
I have a lot of friends here in Germany and I know that I will miss them and they will miss me, but I know that they are happy for me, too, because they want me to live my big dream! Same with my family, it is a rather big one and I will leave two Grandmas, my little brother, my Mum, my Dad, my stepfather and my Dad’s new partner behind. I really love my family, but still I want to live my dream and they all know that!

I am very excited about your way of life; I think it is quite different to mine here in Germany. And I am already sooo excited, even though there are still some months to go until my departure and my start into a new stage of my life!!!

I am already counting the days until I meet you and my new life!!!


Vielleicht können die Eltern hier nochmal sagen, was ihnen in so einem Brief wichtig wäre, wonach sie sich einen ATS aussuchen würden. Hilft vielleicht ja auch weiter!

Viele Grüsse