Let's talk in English

hey everybody :slight_smile:

i want to be better in english so it would be great to talk a bit to you :slight_smile: please corect me if i make mistakes :wink:

so,…let’s start.

how are you all?
what did you do today?

well - since I’m kinda bored right now, and have a lot of time (I finally wanna call my host family again, but it’s kinda early right now… OMG - at least 1.5 more hours to waste time…) I’ll continue with the english thread (HAHA - I just wanted to write “I’ll contitue with the english threat”… But that’s actually not what I intended to do :smiley: No language is really threatening…)

soo - what did I do today…
let me think (it’s late, so the day was long…) - hmm - I think the most part of the day I cleaned my room… It was like the task of the century :smiley: Acutally I started with it on tuesday, I think… (okay - I didn’t do anything on wednesday, since I was out) but finally I’m done now :slight_smile:
My room is clean now - and it looks a little strange (my room, als well as the corridor in front of it)… Most of my room is really neat - but not my desk (it’s actually completely packed with stuff) - and the corridor is blocked with a cupboard and lots of clothes is baskets…
But well - tomorrow I’ll start packing boxes…
And I hope I’ll get a phonecall tomorrow or on sunday, where I’ll be told that I can move to a shared appartment. Then I can move on tuesday - since my work’ll begin on Friday…
I can’t believe it’s already August… time goes by soooooo quickly!!!

well - actually not… since I have just wasted 15 minutes so far (hehe - okay - within that time I wrote this text and two additional emails… so I was kinda productive)

I think now I’ll try to break my own highscore at Mahjong Connect - AGAIN…

so maybe someone else wants to write now - I’d enjoy to read it later :slight_smile:

hey ya :slight_smile:

hmmmm…first, if you want to practise english what about an english work experience?? i’m doing one in the moment and i’m learning quite a lot.
ok, i’ve got the advantage of having barracks of the british army of the rhine just 500 meters of my home…
but maybe you could do a practise in a big company or something where you could work in an enlgishspeaking environment…i can just recommend it…

so… what did i do today?? i worked from 8 to 16.15 in the army… after that i ate some ice cream and was in the internet… that was it :slight_smile:

Does the BAOR still exist? I thought they had been integrated into the British NATO forces stationed in Germany after its regaining of sovereignty through the 2+2 treaties.
By the way, one of the advantages of having the BAOR here in Hannover was that I had the chance to watch BFBS-Television (later SSVC) here in Hannover years ago until I got my satellite dish enabling me to receive other programmes in English as well.


@ RRebi: yeah, the BAOR still exists, but in 2014 or something thez will go back to england. THere are the javelin barracks of the british army of the rhine in my village, and there is also the JHQ in Moenchengladbach.
We are hearing BFBS-radio and BBC here very often (but BBC onlz if we get it…).


and I have the advanteage of being able to listen to AFN…
Even though the ads are a little annoying, when you listen to it for hours…
But (especially on sunday afternoons/evenings) the music is way better than in any german radio channel, I know so far.

most of the time the music in BFBS is better than the german radio channels too…but i can’t say something about the music on weekends 'cause i’m onlz hearing radio at work…:stuck_out_tongue:

@Fe203 your english is very good. It´s perfect!!!
Do you learn this all at your time in the USA???
Were you so good befor you visit the USA??:slight_smile:
Oh, i think my english is very bad. XD

Hey Carina

My english didn’t use to be that good…
Actually I think today my written english is better than my oral one, since I write far more than I talk. :frowning:
When I had the idea of doing an exchange, it was the first time that I actually took a look (lol - sounds funny) into the vocab part of the english book :smiley:
So my english (especially the vocabulary) was not really good…
I always had something around a 3 (mostly 3, sometimes 4, rarely 2) in english, before I went abroad.
Since then my worst grade were 13 Points (in my written “English LK Abitur”)
hehe - okay… I got a 5 in a vocab test this year… but: 1. nobody took our teacher serious about it, until he pulled the test out… 2. I was second best (the best had a 5+ :D)

okay - and from now on I guess I’ll write more english on the dayly basis (I have to do the International Communication at an AFS Office here in Germany… Due to that job I won’t be in thes forum so often any more)

ahhh… my name is CHRISTINA not Carina!!!:D:D:D

hey :slight_smile:

i’m bored… can someone tell me something??? :D:D:D :p:p:p

oh - sorry…
you know, I was in a hurry, when I wrote that, yesterday…

Yeah… I understand :wink:

Is this thread already dead? Revival possible?


nothing’s impossible (well - at least nearly nothing…)

Nothing to say;)

so if there’s nothing to say, why don’t you still say stuff? :smiley:

I don`t know. Sorry.:smiley:

ohhhh my god
i reeeealy need to improve my english !!!
reading your texts i am getting really anxious.
my vocabulary is not so great
what can i do ?
iam always reading english litrature but i not getting better
i think i should learn the dictionary by heart…:smiley:

@ liyayiye…
maybe it would help ya to speak a little bit english at home… in my family we are always speaking english at lunch… now even my little brother can speak a little bit of english and he is just 5… :wink: