Hostfamily letter

Hey ihr lieben :slight_smile:
Endlich ist mein Dear Hostfamily letter fertig. ich hab mich echt schwer getan :confused:
Nun wäre es super lieb, wenn jemand mal drüber lesen könnte. Mit der Grammatik hab ich es leider überhaupt nicht :frowning:
Bin über jede Hilfe dankbar :slight_smile:

Dear host family,

First of all I want to thank you taking time to read my letter. In the following lines I want to tell you something about me. My name is XX and I was born on the xxth of October 19xx in Germany. I live in XX, a small town in the northwest of Germany near the northsea together with my parents. We live in a house with a big garden, near the centre. I have two older sisters Christina and Elisa, they are 26 and 24 years old. Also i have three nephews Nick (4 years), Noah (3 years) and Ben ( 1 year) and one niece Haylie (1 year).
At the moment i am going to the profrssional school. I will finish my education as a nursey school teacher in summer of 2015. Ater that i want to be an Au Pair in America. I want i scine more than two years. It is a great chance for me to see different cultures and provide my english skills. I think it is a great thing to be an au pair, because you can learn a lot about the typical way of life, the people and about yourself, I want to know how your family lives and i would very happy to be a part of it.
After my Year as a Au Pair in your family i want to begin a second education in a childrens hospital.In my Opinion it the most interesting think to work with medicine and with children at once. I love to help people, specialy to help children to be healthy.

In my freetime i like to go out and meet friends. My best freinds are named Darleen, Celina and Anki. They are very important for me and we have very much fun together. I like to go swim or inline skating , too. And very often i enjoy to have a interesting , fantasy book and go in dreams of this wolrds.Sometimes I read all day long if the book is exciting
I spend very much of my freetime with kids. I like to go outside with my nephews and my niece. No matter witch weather it is. It is the best feeling to see them happy. My sisters and i have a very good relationship. If we had time we are going out at play billiard or go swimming together.
I have two mouses, there names are Opa Gerke and Baumann. I would (400)be very happy if your family have pets.

I have my drivers license since july 2014. It is not very long, but i drive every day 20 kilometers to school and back. I am a very safety driver, particularly if childrens drives in my car, too.

My friends and my family would discribing me as a friendly and helpful girl. I am very responsibly amd Honesty and empathy are very important for me, too
I would like to thanks for welcoming in your family for one year now and giving me the chance to know how an American family lives. I hope I will become a member of the family, I can be a big sister for one year and to gain new experiences.

I am an upfront with others and I am willing to learn new things, I was very pleased if I could do a year as an Aupair.

Yours sincerely,