Hilfe mit dem host family letter

Hey gehe für ein Schuljahr nach Irland und hab jetzt endlich meinen host family letter fertig. Bin mir aber nicht sicher ob der so einigermaßen ok ist. Währe echt super nett wenn da jemand drüberschauen könnte. Bin dankbar für jeden Tipp

Dear host family,
First of all I would like to thank you for taking your time reading my letter and getting to know me better. My name is (…) and I´m currently 16 years old. Together with my parents and our two cats I live in a flat in (…). (…) is located in central western Germany and has about 273,000 inhabitants.
My mother (…) only works part time while my father (…) usually works till late afternoon. I still get to spend much time with him. For example we often cook dinner together. I have to say that I really like cooking but I don´t think I’m very good at it though. Family is really important to me so my parents and I regularly visit my grandparents and on someone’s birthday or on Christmas the whole family meets together. Of course I have to help my parents in the household. For example I have to keep my room tidy or set the table. Besides that I take care of our two cats.
I´m currently in 11th grade at a gymnasium. My school has about 1000 students and my favourite subjects besides english are maths, because there´s always a definite answer and a certain formula to figure it out and art, because it gives me the chance to use my creativity and gives my mind a break. I don´t really know what exactly I want to do after I finished school yet. I just know that I definitely want to do a year of volunteer work.
In my free time I like to meet up with my friends. In summer we often just relax in the park and talk or we meet up at someone’s house. I´m also really good friends with three girls I meet on a language holiday in Dublin last summer. We all live in different parts of Germany so we can´t see each other very often, but if we do we always have a great and fun time. I also enjoy going inline skating with my closest friend (…), who I´ve been friends with since grade one. For the last three years I did archery in a sports club but sadly I can´t go to the training lessons anymore because of school. I still try to practise archery as often as possible on the weekends. Right now I’m thinking about starting badminton in a sports club. Every Wednesday I do volunteer work after school. The aim of the project I am helping in is to help migrant children between the ages of 4 to 10 years improve their German skills. At the moment I am working with a 5-year-old boy named (…). It´s great to see the development and it´s fun to play a game together or read books with him, especially because now after one year he´s like a little brother to me. Other than that I also enjoy reading books and listening to music.
My friends and family describe me as a spontaneous, helpful and friendly person. I´m a good listener and always try to help with problems. If I meet new people I can be a bit shy at first, but as soon as I´m comfortable around someone I´m totally myself. I like to try out new things, find out about different cultures and languages and discover new places. During my language holiday in Ireland last summer I was fascinated by the beautiful landscape and the many nice people I meet. I think living with you will be an awesome experience for me and will help me grow personally and also help me to improve my English skills. I´m really looking forward to being a part of your family and can´t wait to meet you soon.

Lots of greetings,

Also erstmal zu den rechtschreiblichen/grammatikalischen Sachen (ich vergesse bestimmt die Hälfte also verlasse dich nicht nur auf mich):
„I really like cooking but I don’t think I’m very good at it though.“ entweder but oder though rausstreichen, das ist sonst doppelt gemoppelt^^
„Gymnasium“ würde ich groß schreiben.
„English“ auch groß
„…good friends with three girls I MET“ mit nur einem e, ist ja in der Vergangenheit
Bist du dir sicher, dass language holiday die richtige Übersetzung ist? Klingt für mich irgendwie komisch…
„but WHEN we [meet]“ statt „if“

Ich kenne die Vorgaben deiner Organisation nicht, aber wegen dem Inhalt würde ich noch irgendwo dazu schreiben, was du deiner Gastfamilie geben würdest, zum Beispiel, dass du ihnen typisch deutsches Essen kochen würdest, ihnen etwas über Deutschland beibringen wirst oder sowas.

Also, ich würde mir über ein wenig Grammtik und so keine Sorgen machen, aber eine Sache find ich doch echt wichtig zu ändern:
änder den Gymnasiumpart! In Irland da ist kein Levelschule, die können nichts mit Gymnasium außer Fitnessstudio anfangen. Sag einfach Schule. Und 11. Klasse ist 5th year in Irland, aber das kannst du auch so lassen.