Gastfamilienbrief für Nova Scotia

Hallo, ich werde im August/September 2020 ein halbes Jahr in Kanada verbringen und bin gerade fertig geworden, meinen Gastfamilienbrief zu schreiben. Jedoch bin ich mir noch ziemlich unsicher. Vielleicht hat ja jemand Zeit, kurz drüber zu schauen und vielleicht sagen, was ich besser schreiben könnte? :slight_smile: Danke!

Dear host family,

My name is Hannah xxxxx and I’m 15 years old. At first, I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and to live for 5 months in Canada, Nova Scotia.

I was born on xxxxx in xxxxx, Austria. I live with my family in a house in a small village with only 800 inhabitants. My family consists of my parents and my two older sisters.
My mother xxxxx is a geriatric nurse and my father xxxxx works as a construction technician. My sister xxxxx is 17 years old and she works as a fully qualified groom in a horse stable. My other sister xxxxx is 21 years old and she works as a kindergarten teacher in the kindergarten in our village.

At home, there also live our three cats, our two rabbits and our six guinea pigs. I like animals a lot and I’d love to have some in Canada too!

I’m attending a school for management and service industries and I take the branch “Communication and Media Design”. That means, that I have photography, web design, journalism, public relations, video editing, audio and radio production and much more.
At this moment, I visit the 10th grade and I really like it. My favorite subjects are accounting and math, because I like to work with numbers.

Once a week, I go to a flute teacher. I already play the cross flute for 7 years now and I really love it. I was in the music band in my village, but I left it because I was very busy with school and other things. If my Canadian school offers it, it would be cool to join an orchestra or something like this.
I also play tennis, but only in summer. I started playing tennis when I was 11. Now I often play it with my father.
Almost every week, I meet my friends at the cinema or at a lake. I really love doing things with my friends. But I also like to stay a weekend at home to chill and watch TV.

Otherwise, I spend my free time with reading and taking photos.

At home I have some assignments, for example cleaning the bathroom or cleaning the kitchen. I also wash my laundry by myself. Sometimes I cook for my family and I would be happy to cook and bake together with my host family.

I believe, becoming an exchange student is a great possibility for getting more open about other cultures. I also want to improve my English, because I think it is an advantage to speak other languages well. Other reasons why I want to become an exchange student are that I want to get more independent and I want to meet new friends.

The reason, why I want to go to Canada is, because I really like the beautiful landscape there. But not only the landscape, I also like the climate. I like winter a lot. I want to get to know the way people live and interact in Canada.

Thanks for reading my letter, I hope I could give you a first impression of myself. Next, I wanted to thank you for taking me in your family for half a year, because that isn’t a matter of course.

Greetings from Austria,


Also ich finde den Brief ziemlich gut. Alles wichtige ist drin und es ist auch gut geschrieben. Mach dir da mal nicht so viele Sorgen. Ich wünsche dir schon mal vorträglich viel Spaß für deinen Austausch, dass alles gut läuft und du in eine passende und nette Gastfamilie kommst.

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Vielen Dank :smile: lg Hannah

Hey ich finde dein Brief mega gut. Mit welcher Organisation gehst du nach Nova scotia? Ich werde auch 2020 nach Nova scotia gehen aber für ein ganzes Jahr.

Ich werde mit Ayusa intrax gehen, du?

Schade ich gehe mit Stepin
Sonst wären wir vielleicht zusammen geflogen

Ich fliege dieses Jahr auch nach Nova Scotia ,
mit Stepin vieleicht lernt man sich ja kennen, meine nächste Infoveranstaltung findet in Bonn am 29.02.2020 statt.
Hast du dich schon angemeldet ?
LG Cora

Meine nächste Infoveranstaltung ist im März in Schneeverdingen. Wäre echt cool wenn man sich kennen lernt.

Fände ich auch cool wenn du magst, können wir über Instagram weiter schreiben
LG Cora

Ja klar gerne meine Name hier ist auch mein Insta name