Brief an die Gastfamilie ... okay?


Hallo, wäre super nett wenn mal jemand drüber lesen könnte und mir vielleicht ein par Tipps gibt :slight_smile:
Danke im Vorraus schon einmal!!!

Dear host family,
my name is xxx and im 16 years old. I live in Germany in a small village with my two parents and my younger sister (13 years old). My older sister (22) and my big brother (20) already moved out to go to University a few years ago. I have a really good relationship with my family, especially with my siblings. We spend a lot of time togehter, on vacations, on the weekend or on family celebrations with the extendet family. Im a very social guy, so when I´m not spending time with my family, I use to visit friends to do something together. Usually we go swimming, playing football or do something else outside and when the weather isn´t nice we`re also enyoing some indoor games, Netflix or videogames.

When Im not busy with meeting friends I love to do sport in my freetime. I have football training twice a week and games or tournaments on weekend. Also I´m a lifeguard, because I want to help people in dangerous situations and I can work as a pool attendent at public pools during vacation and on weekends. To unlearn nothing and practice rescue techniques we have training every week and exams every year. I also was 6 years in an acrobatic gymnastic club, where I had training three to four times per week and many successfull tournament on the weekends and after I desist from this I was two years in an athletics club and also played tennis for one year at school. Shortly after I stopped with all this, I started playing football, where I am not that succesfull, but its much more fun playing with all my friends together as a team and not solo against them. That´s different in my second passion: swimming. I started to swimm in a club when I was still in kindergarden and did this until 8th grade. That was when I became a lifeguard. I also love to play tabletennis, handball, tennis and volleyball, klimbing, nordic and alpine skiing, snowboarding, canoing, hiking, biking, fishing and much more. I´m really looking forward to try new things in the United States like American Football or whatever. So if you have any special or different hobbies I will gladly want to try these.

For my career I have very big plans, because I want to study medicine and hopefully become a doctor. That´s why I take school very seriously at all and its always my first priority to finish my homeworks and learn for the exams and tests. My favourite subjects in school are PE, biology, informatics and natural sciences. I grew up in our big property in a rural region but near a big city. Because of four kids and a big extendet family, we always had a full house, what I liked, because Im, as already said, a very social guy. Also we always had two turtles and at least two rabbits and also a cat, wich has come to us five years ago. So I know how to take care of pets and would be happy if you have any kinds of pets too.
Because of our big house and a garden there are many things to do every day like cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cutting the lawn, splitting wood for the heating during winter and many more. It´s usual for me to help my parents with this work or doing it independently.
People around often say I am very creative, helpful, empathic and ambitous or describe me as a humourous, polite, sociable and confident person. Honestly, I think this describes me quite well and I would add that I am absolutly in no way narcissistic, in case of it sounds like that for you.
My family, except my dad, is religous even if we don´t go to church every sunday, but I would have no problem with this.
During my exchange I hope to gain a lot of new experiences, find new friends and get to know your culture, everyday life and spend time with you. I´m really looking forward to be a part of your family, tell you about my culture and everyday life and wearing cowboyheads every day. Just kidding :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for reading my letter and I`m really looking forward to see you soon.
Kind regards


Ok ich achte mach jetzt keine rechtschreib Korrektur oder so sondern Inhaltlich,ok?
Also zuerst WO in Deutschland Norden,Süden in der Nähe einer Stadt…?
Dann deine Familie sitzt ihr abends zusammen? Ist dir das wichtig? Das erscheint mir bei vielen gastfamilienprovlemen das Problem zu sein und wenn du das schreibst sagt die Familie vlt ohh das machen wir ja gar nicht mhhh, weißt du was ich meine?
Und dann Football meinst du Fußball? Dann ist es socer😉
Also alles in allem finde ich es ziemlich gut, klar sind da noch so Sachen die man schreiben könnte und welche die man weglassen könnte aber es soll ja DEIN Brief sein indem die Familie ein Bild von DIR bekommt