Brief an die Gastfamilie- Inhaltliche Überprüfung

ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr euch den Brief kurz durchlesen würdet und mir ein kleines Feedback geben könntet. Danke! :sunny:

Dear host family,
First of all I want to thank you reading my letter in which I try to introduce myself.
Now I want to tell you some important information about me. My name is Tobias Jäger and I’m fifteen years old. I was born on 17.03.2003. I live in a quiet part of Berlin, the capital of Germany. This city has about 3, 7 million inhabitants. I live in a relative small house with a nice little garden together with my father Frank (54), my mother Nicole (48) and my sister Nadine (19).

Currently I’m a member of the 10th class at the “katholische Schule Salvator” in Berlin. It’s a catholic school like a high school in Canada. I have the most fun in the subject for politics, because I’m also interested in the topic outside the school. Also, I like learning foreign languages and that’s why French and English are also among my favourite subjects. But there is no subject I hate. I do not go to church regularly but only sometimes. But if you go to church, I like to come with you.
I’m very lucky with my class and I think we have a great class spirit. The most of my best friends are in the same class, and so we can spend a lot of time together.

I would describe myself as friendly, helpful and especially open- minded. At the beginning I’m sometimes at the beginning a bit shy but that changes in the first few days or even hours. Also, I would say that I’m rather calm. I love physical education and I like to meet my friends and to undertake something with them. I also do a lot with my family.

As I said at the beginning, I live in a very big city. Although it has advantages it also has many disadvantages for me. So I’m very happy that I’ll live in Canada in a little smaller city. I love the mountains and the nature, and I am looking forward to discovering a completely new place for me.

I love to go mountain biking in my free time. In Berlin, I live next to a forest where I go several times a week mountain biking with my family, a friend or alone. Of course that’s not comparable to Canadian conditions, but still offers some possibilities. Some weekends my parents and I go to a Bike park, but we have to drive over 3 hours. During the summer holidays my family goes to Austria with me every year, where we find a lot of time for mountain biking and hiking. However, I only ride 1, 5 years mountain bike and therefore not so good.

I also like to go skiing. Unfortunately, there are no possibilities in Berlin at all. I’m fortunate, however, that since I was four years old, I’ve always gone skiing with my family, even twice a year for several years.
I’m of course open to try and to learn something new.

When I have nothing to do at home I read books, chat with my friends at the internet, watch TV or inform myself about political matters. I help in the household, too. We do not have a plan but divide it up according the situation.

I’ve never been in Canada but I think the country suits me very well. I’m very excited about getting to know the Canadian culture.
I’m really motivated to improve my English skills. Also, I see it as a great opportunity for me to make new experiences and learn a lot. I really hope that we will have a good time and learn about each other.

I hope you got a little insight into my life and I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

With best wishes from Germany,

Du hast dir echt extrem viel Mühe gegeben das merkt man sofort… ich bin momentan in meinen Auslandsjahr und muss sagen wenn ich im Nachhinein darüber nachdenke hätte ich mir gewünscht ein paar Details zu ändern, versteh das nicht falsch ich liebe meine Gastfamilie, aber denke wirklich sehr gut darüber nach wie du was schreibst! Wenn der Brief dich genau widerspiegelt ist das sehr gut. Ich hab in meinen nicht gesagt dass ich sehr viel und regelmäßig Leistungssport betreibe deswegen habe ich jetzt hier das Problem nicht regelmäßig Sport machen zu können… nur so als Beispiel:). Aber wenn der Brief genau das widerspiegelt was du bist und du magst ist das sehr gut und dann kann man auch über Rechtschreibfehler und Grammatik Fehler nicht viel nachdenken… ich meine wer möchte einen austauschsvhüler der die Sprache schon perfekt beherrscht.

Also ich finde deinen Brief auch mega gut und er hat mich für meinen auch gut inspiriert:) Nur noch kleiner Hinweis also ich würde alles so lassen bis darauf, dass man “nature” immer ohne “the” schreibt, und beim Abschnitt wo du dich selbst beschreibst in der ersten Zeile hast du 2x “at the beginning” geschrieben und zu letzt würde ich das mit der Kirche in einen extra Abschnitt stecken und nicht in den selben mit den Lieblingsfächern.