Brief an die Gastfamilie - dringend Hilfe benötigt!


Hey, ich muss in ein paar Tagen meinen Brief an die Gastfamilie abschicken bin mir aber total unsicher. Es wäre super nett wenn mir jemand helfen/Korrektur lesen kann. Vielen Dank!

Dear future host family,

First of all I would like to thank you for taking your time reading my letter.

My name is XXXX and I‘m currently 14 years old, but on the day of my departure i will be 15. I’m looking forward to have a good time in the United States while being a part of your family. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about your family yet, so I’m just going to tell you something about myself, hoping to leave a good impression.

After a lot of hours not knowing how to start this letter, I got the idea of telling you a little fun fact about myself, which is that I’m totally obsessed with baby animals. I nearly adore every kind of baby animals. They just look so adorable.

I live on a organic farm in a small village called XXXX in Lower Austria, with my mom XXXXXX, my dad XXXXX, my big brother XXXXX, my twinsister XXXX and with my grandparents XXXX and XXXXX. On our farm we have many animals like cows, goats or cats. But the main focus of our farm is not in the animals but in our biogas plant with which we produce electricity.

I am attending a higher educational institution for social pedagogy, which lasts 5 years and ends with the university entrance diploma. After my graduation from this school I’d like to start an education as an pshychotherapist. My favourite subjects in school are English, Maths, Music and P.E.

In my freetime my most important hobby is volleyball. I’ve been playing in a club for a year but I haven’t had so much time for volleyball in the last few months, so I’ve lost it a lot. But to be honest I was never that good at volleyball. But I think the main thing is that I enjoy it and I definitely do. Since I don’t play volleyball so often lately I really want to try out new sports and I’m really excited about it.

I also love singing and dancing. In my last school I sang in an choire and sometimes solo with the schoolband. I’ve never taken any dance classes but I really would like too. I feel like you can impress your feelings with singing and dancing so much more than with talking. I also love going on a shopping tour with my friends our just sitting in my room with them and talking about everything that’s going on in our lifes. Antoher think I like to do is reading. I am especially a keen on teen love stories. “Someone New“ by Laura Kneidl will always be my favourite book.

Apart from keeping my room clean, doing the dishes every four weeks and cooking one time in the week I do not have any fixed chores, but whenever my parents need help like vacuming, taking the garbage out or getting eggs from my neighbour, I look forward to help them. I’m glad I can give them a helping hand.

I would describe myself as very open-minded, adaptable, sociable person. I’m open for new cultures and lifestyles. I think one of my best qualities is that I’m very optimistic and that I try to bring the best out of every situation. I am also diligent when it comes to school, due to that I’m a fairly good student.

The reason I decided to go on a year abroad in the United States is the way I want to grow in a person. I also enjoy getting to know new cultures, meeting new people and I’ve always wanted to be a part ot the American lifestyle and of course, the famous American High School Spirit since I was a little girl. The US has fascinated me ever since i can remember and I am so grateful to be able to spend 10 months in this amazing country.

I am looking forward to learn more about the American culture. In exchange I could show you a bit of the Austrian, but mostly I am looking forward to be a part of your family during this huge experience. I will get to know you soon!

Yours sincerely,



Ich weiß nicht, ob es schon zu spät ist, aber hier mal ein kurzes Feedback zu deinem Brief. Ich denke nicht, dass es wirklich eine Etikette gibt, bis wann man sich bei der Gastfamilie gemeldet haben muss. Ich selbst habe auch Zeit verstreichen lassen, weil ich unsicher war und sehr viel Schulstress zu der Zeit hatte.
Insgesamt finde ich den Brief sehr gut. Vielleicht könntest du selbst auch ein paar Fragen an deine Gastfamilie stellen. Mich würde auch interessieren, in welcher Sprache dein Lieblingsbuch ist (wahrscheinlich Deutsch, evtl. ja aber auch Englisch…).
Ich bin ehrlich gesagt, nicht gut genug im Englischen um den Brief wirklich auf Grammatik, Rechtschreibung und Ausdruck zu prüfen. Trotzdem sind mir ein paar Kleinigkeiten aufgefallen: 7.Abschnitt: “I feel like you can impress your feelings with singing and dancing so much more than with talking.”, wenn du ausdrücken meinst, ist es “express” und nicht “impress” (beeindrucken)
ebenfalls 7.Abschnitt: “Antoher think I like to do is reading.”, wahrscheinlich nur Tippfehler “Another” und “thing” (Sache, “think”=denken)
vorletzer Abschnitt: “I also enjoy getting to know new cultures […], wanted to be a part ot the American lifestyle”, wieder Tippfehler “be a part of”
Schluss: “I will get to know you soon!”, “will” ist die Zukunftsform, somit heißt es hier “Ich werde euch bald kennenlernen!”, besser “I want to get to know you soon!”
Du solltest dir insgesamt aber nicht so einen Stress mit dem Brief machen. Er muss nicht perfekt sein und auch sprachliche Fehler sind voll okay.