100 Things To Know Before You Go

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100 Things To Know Before You Go - Real Life Stories of an Exchange Student in America von Scott P. Staber and Dominique Kirste.
An American Dad and his German Exchange Daughter

230 Seiten, ISBN: 978-1-4560-7237-7, 19,99€ ([URL=„http://www.amazon.com/100-Things-Know-Before-You/dp/1456072374/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330610700&sr=8-1“]24,95$)

„In 2008, an American family made a decision to host a foreign exchange student and a German family decided to send their daughter on a one year adventure to the United States. The result was both ordinary and extraordinary. This is typical of most exchange students and host families, but Scott and Dominique wanted to make more of their year together. With Scott’s perseverance and Dominique’s commitment at such a young age, they were determined to write about their American adventures. They soon discovered that there were no fun books available for students researching what life is like as an exchange student in America. You will experience entertaining and personal stories from the perspectives of both the exchange student and the host family. If you are a student preparing to leave for America, a past student rekindling memories or a family who is considering hosting; this book will be a valuable companion.“

Jeder Punkt in jedem Kapitel wird aus Sicht des Gastvaters und der deutschen Austauschschülerin auf einer Doppelseite kommentiert:

Chapter 1 - Coming and Going - What to know before you leave home and what to know before you return to your country. This chapter will provide you with necessary information about about your trip and things that will help you never to forget the biggest adventure of your life:

  1. Host Family Contact
  2. Passport and Visa
  3. Research
  4. Packing
  5. Communication
  6. Airplane Ride
  7. Introduction Gifts
  8. Arrival and First Day
  9. Time Zones
  10. Home Photos
  11. School Needs
  12. Currency
  13. Metrics
  14. Culture Shock
  15. Climate
  16. More for your Budget
  17. American History
  18. Postage and Packages
  19. Homesick
  20. Accents
  21. Exchange Organizations
  22. Scrapbooking
  23. Myths
  24. Two Become One
  25. Hello and Goodbye

Chapter 2 - Around the House - Everything you want to know about your temporary American home, family and community. This chapter will guide you through the everyday life that you will be living for the next five to ten months:
26. Internet
27. Stereotypes
28. Fast Food
29. Chores
30. Driving
31. Peanut Butter and Jelly
32. Siblings
33. Dinner
34. Pets
35. Religion
36. Dreaming
37. Politics
38. Rules
39. Privacy and Modesty
40. Homework
41. Neighborhoods and Homes
42. City, 'Burbs and Sticks
43. Junk Food and Snacks
44. Smoking and Drinking
45. Grandparens and Family
46. Cooking and Baking
47. Family Schedules
48. Home Away from Home
49. Illness and Injury
50. Personal Hygiene

Chapter 3 - School Stuff - You heard American schools were completely different? You heard correctly, but don’t worry, this chapter will give you the basics needed to get by and soon you will be just another typical American student:
51. The School Day
52. School Structure
53. School Rules
54. Top of the Class
55. Grades and Attendance
56. Lockers and Backpacks
57. Clubs
58. What to Wear
59. Football
60. Cheerleading
61. Marching Band
62. Homecoming and Prom
63. School Bus
64. School Lunch
65. Soccer
66. Athletics
67. Snow Dayw
68. School Spirit
69. Fine Arts
70. iCrazy
71. Relationsships
72. Yearbook
73. All Night Party
74. Senior Week
75. Graduation

Chapter 4 - Holidays and Free Time - It’s not all hard work at school and home. During your stay you are going to experience many holidays and you will have plenty of free time to enjoy your new American lifestyle. Take adventage of this time and experience America first hand:
76. Labor Day
77. Parks and Recreation
78. Beach
79. Amusement Parks
80. Friends
81. Halloween
82. Haunted Houses / Cider Mills
83. Thanksgiving
84. Christmas and New Year
85. Shopping Malls
86. Vacations
87. Television
88. Winter Fun
89. Movies
90. Concerts
91. Birthdays
92. Exchange Parties
93. Museums
94. Hallmark Holidays
95. Social Networks
96. Baseball
97. Outlet Malls
98. Spring Break
99. Memorial Day
100. Making Memories

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