You know you have been an exchange student in the US if

You know you have been an exchange student in the US if…

  1. … you know what a S’MORE is.
  2. … you ever had a CURFEW.
  3. … you now people that rather stay up late to wait to give you are RIDE HOME, than bare the thought of you walking home alone, even if you only live 2 blocks away.
  4. … you were ever given a HALLPASS to go to the bathroom.
  5. … somebody has ever told you that the CREATION STORRY should be taken literally. It’s the one and only truth. :slight_smile: in six days and stuff…
  6. … you say „LIKE“ and „TOTALLY“ every three words.
  7. … you know that Friday nights are reserved for FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL games.
  8. … you now think DUBBING movies and TV series should be illegal. Movies are just so much better in their original language.
  9. … you love TARGET.
  10. … you need STARBUCKS every other day.
  11. … you have a FACEBOOK, instead of a version in your own language. (such as SchuelerVZ)
  12. … someone has asked you SILLY QUESTIONS like: „do you have cars in Germany?“ - „You don’t have Halloween , do you have Christmas?“ - „How long does it take to DRIVE to Europe?“, etc
  13. … you know that movies that are rated R here because someone is naked or they say the F-word, would be PG in Europe .
  14. … you prefer bottled water because you don’t like the tap water here.
  15. … you can’t top ordering REFILLS because you are so used to them being for free.
  16. … you know the difference between „TALKING“, „DATING“, and „GOING OUT“, and you know that „going with somebody“ doesn’t actually mean you are going somewhere.
  17. … you want to take tests with PENCIL and look for MULTIPLE CHOICE sections on tests.
  18. … you don’t think it’s wrong to have cake AND ice cream.
  19. … you are used to people looking at you in a wired way just because you are WALKING or BIKING to get to places.
  20. … you went to HOMECOMING and PROM.
  21. … you PARK as close to the store as possible so you don’t have to walk even one yard too far.
  22. … you TOOK 10 kg stayine one year in US doing different kind of sports… and lost them all after getting back to your country without doing anything special
  23. … you’ve heard the AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM more than your own, and you can even sing it along
  24. … you know what you order when you order a T8 at TACO BELL.

TO BE CONTINUED from „the best of“ your contributions