Selbstbeschreibung auf Englisch

hier ist wieder mal eine Selbstbeschreibung… Wäre erfreut über Kommentare und Anregungen!

My name is A*** S*** and I live in G***, a town with 12.000 inhabitants, near Frankfurt in Germany. I was born on A*** th 19* in W***. My family consists of my parents E*** and H***, my two sisters T*** and F*** and our rabbit L***.
My father, E***, is a dentist working in G*** together with to colleagues and my mother, H***, worked as an architect. My sisters are 1* and 2* years old. The older one, T***, studies architecture in Stuttgart and F*** is making a half year-long language study travel California, USA until ***.

Currently, I am an only child, but it is a bit boring. They always helped me with my homework and we often went anywhere together. We argued sometimes, too, but who doesn’t? T*** often comes to G*** and I also visit her regularly. My mother and I take care for the rabbit until F*** returns.

I have quite no problems to manage school and I also get along well with my classmates and the teachers. My favorite subjects are mathematics, English and science, but I also learn French as a foreign language. Being an all-girls school, ***** (my school) was founded in 18**, but today, there are about 900 boys and girls.

I love nature and adventure. When I started to get information about an exchange year, I felt in love with New Zealand. I was impressed by all the photos of the great nature and all those beaches and mountains in such a small country. I also expect the rugby world cup to be a great experience for me.
English is my favourite language and I want to speak it better. I am also confident of the New Zealand school system and hope that I can go to Outdoor Education or marine studies. I want to experience a new culture and see the country at the other end of the world and its people.

Thank you for reading this letter

Yours sincerely
A*** S***

Hoffe die ist gut, ich bin zur Zeit nich so sicher :confounded: