I think we need a topic here

There’s no much discusion going on here. The reason may be that we lack a topic.
I can think of one - „the English conpetency of people from diferent asian countries“

I have a question for you, maybe someone wants to answer and give their personal opinion on this very important topic^^

If you were offered a free place in a language course on the British isles, and for that you had to choose between learning Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic and Welsh (the course would take place in the corrospondent country/part of the country) - which one would you choose?

I am trying to collect as many as possible subjective opinions about which of the languages is the best :smiley:

I’d choose Welsh…
Don’t ask me, why I’d take this language, it’s just a subjective feeling :slight_smile:

Scots Gaelic.

Irish Gaelic

Thank you very much, that was very inspiring :smiley: