Host family letter YFU

So, hier ist auch noch mein Brief an meine Gastfamilie. Ich würde mich sehr über Kommentare dazu freuen! Vielen Dank im voraus :slight_smile:

Dear host family,
With this letter I want to introduce myself to you.
My name is Carolin, I am 16 years old and I live together with my family in a house which is in a little town in Germany. The members of my family are my parents xxx and xxx , my twelve-year-old sister xxx and our little dog Sam. I really love my family because we always stick together and help each other. I always try to help my parents with the household chores. So I cook four times a week, I wash and iron clothes, I clean my room on my own and I always try to be independent.

I am visiting the 10th class of the school in my town. My favorite subjects are Politics, Physical Education and History. I prefer Politics because I am very interested in politics and I really enjoy the other two because I love doing sports and it is important for me to know the historical facts about some countries.
More over I am a tall, sporty, friendly and well-behaved person who is always eager to learn. Although I really like to help other people and I am kind of humorous and ambitious. I might seem a little shy at the beginning but I will thrive when I am accepted in your family.

My hobbies are horseback-riding, playing handball, jogging and playing the guitar. I love doing sports and I really like making music. It would be very nice if I could go on with some of these things while I am living with you. But anyway I am really open-minded for trying a different kind of sports or other things.
In the rest of my free time, especially at the weekend, I like to listen to music, read books, take photos and I spend much time with my friends. Together we watch some films, go to the cinema, go swimming or we talk about everything which is close to our hearts. So my friends, especially my best friends Annika, Mareike and Hannah are very important for me.

After my year abroad I want to finish the school in Germany. I still don’t know what to do after school, but perhaps I want to become a policewoman, or I can imagine to work in politics or to study chemistry.

I want to go to the United States of America as an exchange student because I want to improve my English to speak more fluently. But it is more important for me to learn much about the American culture while I am living with you and I am also very interested in `the American way of life’. So I am very open- minded for everything new and I really want to see how you celebrate days like New Year’s Eve as a member of your family.

Finally I want to thank you for reading my letter and I would be so glad and happy if I you would give me the chance to become a member of your family. I am sure we will have a great time together and I am very excited to meet you!

Kind regards,


ich hab mir grad deinen Brief durchgelesen und find ihn echt gut…
aber du darfst die Vornamen schon angeben von deiner Familie nur die Nachnamen nicht :+1:
Kannst dir ja mal meinen durchlesen hab ihn auch vor ein paar Tagen online gestellt.
Aber ich find deinen Brief eigentlich ganz gut!!:grin: