Host family letter...hilfe ?!?

ich habe gestern meinen gastfamilienbrief fertig geschrieben…
nun ist mein english aber nicht das beste
und ich weiß nicht ob man immer versteht was ich meine
ob ich mich richtig ausgedrückt habe oder ob man das noch besser machen könnte…
für eure tipps wäre ich sehr dankbar
liebe grüße maria

Dear host family!

First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter and spending time on getting to know me better. I think that picture of America, which we have in Germany is incomplete, may be wrong. My picture of America for example is created by the news and television only. Thats why I’m interested in learning about the real situation how people live in America. In the following lines I want to introduce myself and tell you something about my family, hobbies, everyday life and my hopes and expectations for the coming year.

My name is Maria and I’m a sixteen year old girl from Germany.
The place I live is in the near of Berlin in northeastern Germany, in my village live circa 2000 people. My school is one houer from my home away, I go by train to school and live there with my friends in a boarding school. We are about 600 students and I go to the 11th grade. My favorite subjekts are physical education, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. In my personal future I want to finish my A- level and later I want studying but at the moment I dont know what.

I live with my mother and my little brother, who is 7 years old, in a house with a small garden. My father lives alone I see him very often and we have a good relationship. I’m not so often at home but when I must help to tidy up, cooking and help my brother with his homework. In the boarding school there is a life where I have to be very self-confident. I must clean my room and the bathroom and I have to wash my clothes on my own. My parents are divorced since I am three years old. The family is one of the most important parts of my live. I love them. I´m so happy when I see my little brother. If we are spending time together we are backing, we are playing games,going to the beach together, playing soccer or making other sports.

I am a self-confident, open-minded, responsible, humorous and friendly person. I’m a normal german girl but my life is very different and special. Since 2000 I play soccer in a club together with boys. I was very good. Soccer was everything for me, thats why I don’t do anything else. So I changed in the year 2005 to the sports school in Potsdam and to the boarding school. In one room live two girls together and one bathroom is for six girls or boys. The first year in Potsdam was very hard. I want to tell you something about a normal day. We wake up at 6am and go to the mensa we are making breakfast together and at 7am we have the first lesson. My position is the goalkeeper every day at 10 am I have training with other older or younger goalkeepers. After the training have lunch in the mensa and at 12am we already have school again. After school I have training with the under seventeen team and later we go to dinner and make our homework. For other hobbys there is not so much time but when I have free time and can’t go to home I spend time with my friends for example we go to the cinema, go swimming or shopping. To play soccer was always a dream for me, but next year I must play in the womans team and there are a lots of goalkeepers so I’m very happy about the chance to go for one year to the US. My biggest succes in soccer was one year in the DFB team under fifteen in the year 2007 and in 2009 I won with the under seventeen team in Antalya (Turkey) the ISF World School Championship and two moths later we won the Championship of Germany.

All in all I’m very glad about this exchange year I hope to learn a lot about other culture, religion and the american way of life. I’m very interested in your school system and the subjects you can take, because our school system is very different. I’m very happy to be a part of a new family with children, to go to a new school and finding new friends. One year without so much soccer is very well, too. But I hope I can play sometimes at the high school team. To improve my English is very important, too.

I’m not a religious person and I don’t go to church, but I would go to church with you if you went there regularly. I think participating at your activities is one of my tasks as an exchange student and if I want to become a part of our family I have to adjust me to you.
May be it would become thing, where I can learn much and so I’m open to do it. There is so much I’ve already written and so I’m finishing my letter now. I want to thank you again for giving the chance to spend a year in the US, it’s always been a big dream for me.

Yours faithfully

ICh finde den Brief echt gut!
Man weiß eine Menge über dich und der Brieg wirkt ehrlich und nicht gekünselt.
ich glaub ein paar kleine grammatische fehler sind nicht schlimm!