Hey, also ich muss bald schon meinen Brief abgeben und würde mich sehr über eine kurze Rückmeldung freuen! Vielen dank im Voraus :slight_smile:

Dear future host family,

I am Lea ------, a currently 14 year old girl from Germany who wants to spend a year with you with the hope of experiencing a whole new culture. Thank you for reading this letter and letting me introduce myself. So here we go!
I was born on February 27th in 2004 so I’d be 15 when I arrive. Together with my mom Ute (54), my dad Bernd (54) and one of my sisters Anna (26) I lived in Peine, Lower Saxony. At the end of my first school year we moved to -------, a small town with about 23,000 inhabitants, near to Stuttgart which is the capital of Baden Württemberg. My sister Anna now lives in Cologne and I visit her once in a few months by train. My other sister Maria (33) lives in Munich but unfortunately we don’t get to see each other that often. My parents grew up in Romania as bilingual. Even though I don’t speak their language there some things I can tell about the Romanian culture.
Sadly my dad is allergic to the hair of animals so we can’t have a pet but I would be more than fine living in a family with pets.
I visit the 9th grade of „Lise Meitner Gymnasium“. The subjects I like the most are english and art. I also like history but not really because of the topics rather because of our funny teacher :slight_smile: In school I don’t only learn English. I have French and Spanish lessons as well. Natural sciences aren’t really my strengths. I am part of our Musical work group because I love music and drama. Which is the cause for me being very excited about visiting an American High school where drama is a subject. In march 18 I took part at an one week exchange to Vaucouleurs, France my school offers.
After school I prefer meeting my friends. We often go to the city and just have a fun time or maybe even do a little shopping, eating something nice together or watch a movie in the movie theatre. But I also love only talking with them. Not really about my exchange year because they’re very sad about me leaving since we are very close with each other.
On Wednesdays I take Modern dance lessons and on Fridays I do Jazz dance together with my friends. I really love both classes so I will probably try something with dance during my exchange year. I will also start with vocal coaching very soon since I’ve never had enough motivation for an instrument. But still I love listening to music of all kinds. But especially the songs of Shawn Mendes. In march 19 my friends and I are actually going to his concert in Munich and we’re very excited!
My chores at home are setting the table, ironing my own clothes, emptying the dishwasher, bringing out the garbage and keeping my room and my bathroom clean. In summer I also have to help in the garden.
I would describe myself as confident ,helpful and open. I’m not shy at all and I usually talk a lot, so that if my parents or someone else wouldn’t always be reminding me, I wouldn’t even notice it. I love telling stories from my past or talking in front of people in general.

I’m not religious and I usually don’t go to church except when my school orchestra is having a concert or my friends are getting confirmed. Actually I like knowing there is always somewhere to go on Sundays and it’s such a nice way to spend time with other people or just concluding the past week so I would definitely come with you if you go to church. Also I’ve heard in America church is way different and even more social.
I really enjoy travelling. I even love the journey like by plane or the train. But of course the best part is discovering new places and food. The furthest I’ve been yet was Mauritius when I was little or Florida in summer 18. I loved the USA as a tourist but I also want to know how living a usual life in the USA would be like. That’s one of the reasons why I want to go abroad for one year. But also because I want to get my English on a level where I am able to speak with a fluent English to real English-speaking people and not just in lesson at school. Ever since the day my sister Anna left for her exchange year in Minnesota, when I saw that there was so much sadness in her but even more joy and excitement, I knew that one day I would be experiencing the same. I want to come home with loads of experiences by myself and a even more confident personality and I can’t wait for that year!
Best regards from Germany:)
Yours sincerely,