Gastfamilienbrief Verbesserungen

Hallo, ich hab einen Entwurf von meinem Gastfamilienbrief und wollte wissen ob ich da irgendwas hinzufügen oder weglassen soll. Und ob das mit der Grammatik so geht.
Ich hab übrigens irgendwie das Gefühl, dass da zwar persönliche Themen drinstehen aber der Brief irgendwie zu unpersönlich geschrieben ist? wenn das irgendwie sinn ergibt

Dear Host-Family,

I am xxx and 14 years old. I live in Germany with my family, which includes my younger sister, my mom and my dad. Even though my parents work a lot, we have a close relationship with each other and get along well. We live together in an apartment in a quite neighbourhood in our city. My Grandparents live in the house, too, in an apartment a few floors above ours. So, from time to time we eat on weekends lunch together. In summer we often drive to my grandparents dacha and go swimming or do archery in the garden.

I go once a week to an archery-club. That is really fun. Other than that, I do no sports. I’m actually not really athletic, since you don’t have to move much in archery. I would like to try new sports, but I would rather do athletics than a team sports. I also go to a music-school and play piano there, but I hear not that much music by myself, only when I draw or solve puzzles. I like to read books and articles too. Furthermore, I enjoy to meet friends and do something together, like cook cupcakes or watch a movie. That don’t have to be always the case, I am also perfectly fine to be some time by myself.

I’m in the 10th grade at my school. My favourite Subjects are art, there I like especially to draw with pencil and to interpret paintings, and Latin. In Latin it is interesting to see, which words from our Language come from there. Music I like too.

After school, I want to study. Yet, I am not sure, what I want to study but I think something technical. Moreover, I want to travel and see as much from the world as possible. I want to get to know other cultures with different lifestyles, different food and different language.

I am really excited about my first day of school in the USA because the school system is a bit different than in Germany. There are much more and much more different clubs than in Germany and I would like to go in some of them. Not only in sport-, but in clubs with art or technic. Of course, I see the exchange year as an opportunity to improve my English-skills, but more important for me is the experience with new people and the chance to learn about other habits and lifestyles.

Thank you very much for reading this letter. I hope you will be my host-family, I would be very grateful.

Kind regards,