Brief an Gastfamilie (Korrektur)

Heyy ich soll für meine Bewerbung einen Brief an meine Gastfamilie verfassen.

Könnt ihr mir vielleicht Verbesserungsvorschläge (inhaltlich & grammatisch) geben? wäre sehr nett, danke!

Dear future host family,

First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter and giving me the chance to introducing myself. In the following letter I’m trying to give you an impression about my personality and my life.

My name is XXX and I’m a XXX year old girl from Germany. I grew up in a beautiful city with about 21 thousand inhabitants and I’m living in a three family house with a garden.


At the beginning I would like to give you some information about my lovely family. I live together with my father and my two younger siblings. I have got a little sister who is X years old and a little brother who is X years old. My father is XXX and has an own firm, so most time he is at home. But what about my mom? I was not sure about writing it in the letter but I would like to tell you everything about me. Unfortunately, my mother died two years ago because of cancer, so my father has to take care of us alone. Of course it was quite hard for us but we could stand it. For my father it is not a big problem living alone with three childrens because I always try to help him wherever I can. I often help my sister with her homework and I am used to do a lot of household chores like washing dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash, helping to cook and some more. By the way, I really want you to know that I will be always helpful for you because I know that it is important. My family has grown together a lot and supports each other every single day because of the hard times we had. Furthermore I have a really good relationship to my father because we always talk about interesting things in life and he often gives me good advices, so I am very thankful to him.


At the moment I’m visiting the 9th grade in a large school with about 1000 students. School is very important for me, I want to learn as much as possible and I am very ambitious. I always study a lot for tests because I know that it is important for my career later and I want to give my best every time. My favorite subjects are physical education, english and math. Later I want to go to university and I hope to make a good career.


In my leisure time, I am active and go in for sports with pleasure to keep myself fit. I am really interested in having a healthy lifestyle, that is why I am pescatarian and go to the gym as often as possible. Since I was six years old I enjoy riding horses once a week in a riding club with some girls. But don’t worry if there is no opportunity in your town or city to go to the gym or in a riding lesson. I am really open for something new and I would be happy to join a sport team at the highschool because in germany we don’t have the opportunity to do sport after school. At weekends, when I don’t study for school, I often meet friends to go with them to our big cities. There we go to the cinema, go shopping or eat in one of our favorite restaurants. But when everyone has time, my family and me also do some activities at the weekend like visiting something, going to the swimming pool or just go by bike to some places. Besides doing sports and meeting friends, I have the passion to photograph. I love to take pictures of friends, animals or other interesting things.


It is difficult to describe yourself but I asked some friends and they would describe me as ambitious, open, friendly and communicative. I have already written that I do a lot for school and I always have a goal in my life. I am also very reliable and responsible because when my father wants me to do something I always do it. If you have some rules at home I will try to observe them. In my class, I’m friend with mostly everyone. Even if I don’t like a person very much I try to be friendly. So I am not a person who tends to quarrel. I really love having people around me, laughing with them and having fun. Talking to or meeting somebody the first time I’m a little bit shy but after a short time I’m open-minded. Moreover I’m very independent because I have to do and organize everything on my own. My father has a lot to do so he doesn’t have time for my things but it is not a problem for me because I know that it is important to become independent.


Why I want to life in america for a half year? Easy to explain. I love travel and discover something new. I have already did two other exchanges in France and Portugal but since I was a little children I have dreamed about going to america one day. I was fascinated about america because in all the movies it looked so amazing. Now, I know that these are just teenage movies but I still think that I can dicover a lot in america and I want to get to know the real american life. I have always dreamed about going to highschool and I really want to improve my english. I think that it will be one of the best times in my life because I will gather many valuable experiences. But I also know that there will be hard times for me but in the end it will be the best experience ever. I hope to find new friends and get a kind host family (hope it is you!) which can become my second real family. I wish to learn more about your culture and I would also show you a little bit of the german culture for example I could cook a typical german lunch if you want. I think it is very important to give you something back because it is incredible to give me that opportunity.

I really thank you for reading this letter and hope you forgive me all the faults in my letter. My english isn’t perfect and that is why I want to do this exchange program. I hope you’re going to be my host family and if so, thank you very much!!

kind regards,